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FuturoCoin on Piyasa.net

Piyasa.NET - the next area, where FuturoCoin was officially noted. On 2nd March, Piyasa.NET applied FTO on its website. Currently you are able to area orders to buy/sell FuturoCoin not only with United States Dollars and also Bitcoin however also with Turkish Lira (SHOT).

Although that Piyasa.NET is a Turkish business, it's enabled people from all around the world to register as well as trade freely. Besides FuturoCoin, you could find there other preferred cryptocurrencies like e.g. Dash or Bitcoin. The company likewise provides a special discount rate offer, which allows you to reduce the purchase fees as much as 25%.

We would also prefer to advise you that the problems worrying procedures of the exchange, such as deposits/withdrawals or account enrollment need to be directed to its proprietors.

If you want to inspect the existing offers for FTO, you could visit: https://piyasa.net/.

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